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Embrace the Spring Season with a Natural Skin Care Routine

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Embrace the Spring Season with a Natural Skin Care Routine

As green shoots begin to appear on tree branches and small mammals emerge from hibernation, it’s important to think of springtime as a time to be embraced, a time for new starts and, above all, a chance to give your skin some TLC after a long winter battering at the hands of cold temperatures and high winds.

With this changing of the seasons in mind, we’re sharing some organic skin care choices you can make this spring to really make the most of the new season. With our help, you'll be able to embrace eco-friendly habits and help your skin reap the benefits of this new and improved routine.

Swap your moisturiser for an all-natural alternative

Moisturising is absolutely essential, especially if your skin has been dry all through winter. However, most modern moisturisers have a less-than-natural composition, which can harm your skin in the long run. One ingredient that is a powerful natural alternative to synthetic moisturisers is marshmallow root - and our award-winning Mallow Beauty Balm is an ideal way to incorporate this into your daily routine. Leave it on as a mask overnight for a gorgeous glow in the morning!

Embrace an organic exfoliation treatment

Exfoliation is another essential if you want your skin to look radiant on a day-to-day basis, and works by removing the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Unfortunately, this is, however, another area of skin care historically dominated by artificial products that harm the environment (the fact that plastic microbeads, which contributed to the deaths of marine wildlife the world over, were only banned last year speaks volumes). Luckily for you, there are plenty of natural skin care products out there that succeed in exfoliating while remaining in harmony with the environment - using natural exfoliants such as jojoba beads.

Invest in an all-natural eye cream

Tiredness, stress and fatigue can really take their toll on our eyes - particularly in terms of premature aging - so it’s only right that they should be treated to all-natural skin care products designed to brighten and rejuvenate dark and dull skin. An effective organic option for the delicate eye area is our Refining Eye Cream, made with cornflower and arnica, two natural ingredients with powerful refining and replenishing properties.

Create luscious lips with an organic conditioning balm

Here at Herbfarmacy, we love to use marshmallow in our organic skin care products. It’s our signature herb - and if you’re looking to leave cracked and dry lips behind and step into spring with a luscious lip look, our marshmallow and vanilla infused Lip Conditioner is just the thing. This product has even won a Green Parent Natural Beauty Award, so you can rest assured of its quality - and being 100% organic makes it an ideal companion for an exclusively natural skin care regime.

Look after your hands - naturally

Your hands go through a lot each day, so you need to make sure they’re well looked after now that the spring season has arrived. Marshmallow, as always, is a reliable natural ingredient - especially when combined with rosemary oil, which improves circulation. This winning combination can be found in our Enriching Hand Cream - gently perfumed with lavender and peppermint. Introducing hand cream to your skin care routine is easy, as you can take a convenient, compact tube with you anywhere you go.

Find organic solutions to your skin problems

If you have eczema, psoriasis or generally sensitive or irritated skin which worsens during the winter months, the new season (and its warmer temperatures) brings some sweet relief. But if you’re on a mission to make a fresh start in spring, why not swap a mainstream, paraben-filled skin treatment for something more natural? Our award-winning, 100% organic Skin Rescue Balm is filled with effective natural ingredients, such as comfrey and chickweed, which relieve itching and provide versatile relief for a number of common skin problems.

If you’ve been inspired to start your springtime skin care overhaul, shop our full range of organic beauty products today to start your natural skin care journey.


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