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At Herbfarmacy, we understand that a complete skin care regime covers your face and body. That’s why our range of organic body lotions and balms is designed to provide deep nourishment for all areas of the body when they need it most. And like all of our other products, the ingredients found in this range were chosen for their powerful organic and natural benefits - which means you can harness the power of Mother Nature with each and every application. 

A revered customer favourite, our Skin Rescue Balm is an award-winning, 100% organic balm. The herbs and essential oils packed into this product offer a versatile solution for troublesome areas of the skin. Whether you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, extreme dryness, irritation, or chafing, our Skin Rescue Balm can help to revitalise and protect your skin by tapping into the combined qualities of its ingredients. 

For aged or tired muscles and joints, our natural muscle rubs can provide a way to soothe and relieve aches and pains. Our Meadowsweet Muscle Balm combines remedial Meadowsweet oils with Hypericum and Comfrey to offer comfort and ease tension when muscles and joints become troublesome. These ingredients, together with Eucalyptus, Pepper and Ginger, combine to make this one of the best muscle pain relief creams you’ll find anywhere. 

When it comes to full-body nourishment, our Enriching Body Lotion is the ideal way to condition different areas. Simply apply this organic body moisturiser to your skin and enjoy the perfumed essential oils of Lavender and Patchouli and the herb Marshmallow, that offers silky-smooth results. Alternatively, an organic body oil can provide a topical product perfect for areas in need of focused skin rejuvenation - and our Enriching Body Oil will leave your skin soft and hydrated. 

Whether you’re relieving aching muscles or protecting eczema-prone skin, you can guarantee the product you used was produced lovingly at our Herefordshire farm. Here, we handpick herbs, refine our mixtures and process ingredients so that the products our customers buy benefit from our time and quality ingredients.