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For your Body

An organic beauty routine extends beyond just the face - and that’s why we’ve created a range of organic body products to complete your skin care regime. From rich oils and balms to foot cream and moisturisers, this range is designed to provide deep nourishment to key areas of your body thanks to the innate power of Mother Nature. Grown, harvested and prepared from our Herefordshire farm, the essential herbs and ingredients found across our product range are chosen specially for their unique properties - providing natural goodness with each and every application. 

The most popular of our organic balms for the body is our Skin Rescue Balm. This multi-award-winning, 100% organic body balm works to relieve the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, including dryness, redness and chafing. Combining powerful, soothing herbs like Calendula and Chickweed, it can help to repair, heal and restore calm to troublesome skin areas. Simply apply this organic balm to your skin to form a protective layer to calm these skin irritations. 

For your hands and feet, our Enriching Hand Cream and Foot Cream are ideal for refreshing these worn and neglected parts of the body. Both contain carefully selected herbs and essential oils that can care for and protect your feet and hands during the day and repair them overnight. You’ll also find our Enriching Body Lotion and Body Oil in this range, which act as the perfect accompaniment to our organic body moisturisers, suitable for everyday or when certain areas need additional nourishment and hydration.

There’s also a selection of other day-to-day organic body products, including our Nail & Cuticle Oil - designed to strengthen and repair cracked and split nails.