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When you’re looking for a special gift for someone you love, it can be difficult to pin down the perfect present. But whether you’re buying for a family member, a close friend or work colleague, organic skin care products that leave skin feeling soft and refreshed make for the ultimate treat. That’s why, here, you’ll find Herbfarmacy gift boxes bursting with themed skin care sets, thoughtful decoration and charming message tags - as well as a link to our range of travel size products.

If you’re heading on holiday and want to bring your Herbfarmacy beauty products with you, our travel size skin care jars and bottles will ensure you can save valuable luggage space! From our Mallow Beauty Balm to our Replenishing Face Cream, you can buy most of our best-selling customer favourites in smaller sizes - meaning you don’t have to worry about leaving your skin care essentials behind when you head away. 

The Totally Balmy skin care set contains three of our award-winning balms: Mallow Beauty Balm, Meadowsweet Muscle Balm and Skin Rescue Balm. When it comes to organic, all-natural beauty gifts, the Totally Balmy collection offers a great way to give a loved one a versatile selection of our most popular products. And because each of the jars contains just 20ml, you could also buy this set if luggage space is limited and you want to use our products on your travels. 

The Totally Rosey gift box is a thoughtful present for any partner, friend or family member who loves floral-inspired skin care. Inspired by the beautiful aromas and powerful herbal properties of Rose, this collection makes an ideal skin care gift set for anyone who loves this fragrance! The beauty box contains three of our best-loved products: Rose & Echinacea Toner, Replenishing Face Cream and Mallow Beauty Balm. Presented in a charming gift box filled with deep purple paper and dried Calendula for decoration, the Totally Rosey gift box allows a loved one to give their skin the royal treatment morning, day and night. 

Browse our range of all-natural skin care gift sets and useful travel size beauty products below.