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Hands and Feet

There are few places on our bodies as prone to everyday weathering as our hands and feet. That’s why we’ve harnessed the protective powers of Mother Nature to bring you our selection of natural hand cream, foot cream, soap and nail oil.
If you’re looking for an organic hand cream to deeply nourish and moisturise your hands day and night, our Enriching Hand Cream is the ideal product for you. The essential herbs contained within each pot will repair and restore to prevent your hands feeling dry or worn. Combining restorative Comfrey, soothing Calendula and our signature herb, Marshmallow, this product is suitable for every skin type - from dry to ultra-sensitive. 

Healthy nails can be difficult to maintain but, with our organic Nail & Cuticle Oil, you can keep yours both strong and smooth. This popular product uses a complementary blend of essential oils and herbs for a well-balanced, regenerating formula. Ingredients like Horsetail work to strengthen the nail and cuticle, while Calendula and Jojoba oil have a powerful soothing effect. Having won multiple awards and received great reviews from our customers, we can safely say that, when it comes to organic nail care, this is amongst the very best oils for nails and cuticles. 

With our Field Fresh Hand Soap, you can benefit from an organic hand soap packed solely with natural goodness. As it’s detergent-free, it offers a perfect solution for anyone with sensitive skin. Our organic foot cream uses Vitamin E and Shea Butter to soften, while Hypericum will help soothe daily aches and pains.