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If you’re looking for deeply hydrating skin softeners, look no further than our range of natural face moisturisers and lip balms. Whether you struggle with excess oil or your skin is often dry, our moisturisers can help boost your beauty routine thanks to their complementary blend of all-natural ingredients. Brimming with nourishing essential oils and carefully selected herbs, this range is designed to soothe and soften your skin and leave your face feeling fresh - no matter your skin type. 

When it comes to our organic face moisturisers, there’s sure to be something perfect for you in our collection. For those with dry or mature skin, our best-selling Replenishing Face Cream is your go-to for complete skin revival. Those with combination skin (when some areas of your face are dry and others are oily) can pick up the Calming Face Cream for an all-in-one solution. 

Balancing Face Cream is best for those with oily skin, while Nourishing Face Cream works wonders for sensitive skin. We think nature knows best, which is why a natural face moisturiser for sensitive skin is a no-brainer for anyone whose skin can be tender or reactive. But no matter which face moisturiser you use, you can guarantee it will be packed full of only the finest all-natural and organic ingredients. 

One of our most popular products is the multi-award-winning Mallow Beauty Balm. Applied thinly, it is a non-greasy night treatment that cleanses and hydrates skin. Combining the distinctive benefits of ingredients such as Jojoba and Shea Butter with our signature herb, Marshmallow, the result is a gorgeously soft, melt-on-your-skin balm perfect for protecting and revitalising. 

You can also browse our range of organic lip balms, which harness the power of nature to make your lips feel smooth and supple. Relief from tender or sore lips can be found in our Lip Nurse, while our Lip Conditioner with Vanilla and Lip Reviver with Peppermint will condition, protect and restore. 

Browse our range of all-natural face moisturisers and lip balms today to find your perfect match.