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Calming Face Cream MOTHER'S DAY

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As our best moisturiser for combination skin, the organic Calming Face Cream works with your skin’s unique needs to restore calm to your complexion.

Carefully selected natural ingredients such as Safflower oil work along the t-zone to purify skin and prevent excess oil from blocking the pores - while Marshmallow locks in moisture in other areas to hydrate dry and flaky patches. Also contains Chickweed, Calendula and Avocado Oil.

"It seems very nourishing but I find it very gentle on my sensitive skin. The consistency is good; it is nice and creamy but absorbs quickly. I also like the subtle fresh smell. I think this will become one of my must-have products!" Diane. W

"Lovely non-greasy texture, easy to apply with a pleasant smell and lasts ages". Gillian. S

Suitable for combination skin.

82% Organic

Size: 60ml

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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