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Nourishing Face Cream

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Our best face moisturiser for sensitive skin, easily irritated and reactive skin types. Made using only the purest plant oils and botanicals, including Marshmallow, Evening Primrose, Calendula and Rosehip oil. Antioxidant-rich ingredients such as Ginkgo Leaf rebalance facial redness and inflammation.

Formulated without essential oils to minimise the risk of irritation and for those who simply prefer a fragrance-free cream.

"It has been quite a struggle to find a cream that doesn’t set my somewhat over reactive skin off! Hurrah for Nourishing Face Cream which is rich enough to nourish and hydrate my skin without causing it to erupt with over-sensitivity!" Victoria

"I have very sensitive, quite dry skin and have been trying a range of organic creams. This is the best I've tried. The cream is absorbed well and my skin feels soft and nourished." Helen

"Fabulous cream, melts into the face. Love it!" Shar

Suitable for sensitive skin.

83% Organic

Size: 60ml

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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