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Comfrey Oil

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Our organic Comfrey Oil makes it easier than ever to massage those tired, aching muscles after a hard day's work or sport. You’ll find it glides over the skin and absorbs with ease - with added essential oil of Eucalyptus to boost its soothing effects.

This is a gentle rubbing oil for massaging aches and stiffness after work and exercise, and generally for muscular condition.

“I love walking and use this product every night on ankles, knees,elbows and shoulders. I find it keeps my joints very supple and ache free.”  John Reynolds

“Once I didn't put it on after a long workout - the result: sore muscles all-over. So I use it after every workout and nothing ever hurts. I highly recommend it!” Martina

100% Organic

Size: 100ml

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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