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For aches and pains, we have a selection of different balms to bring calm and serenity to tired skin and muscles. From our Temple Balm to our Horse Chestnut Balm, these 100% organic products can offer respite when faced with dull pains or tender areas. For those with fitness-related aches and pains or ailments that cause muscle pain, our Meadowsweet Balm is the ideal soothing muscle balm, specially formulated to relieve tension deep under your skin. 

A firm favourite in our skin irritation range is our Skin Rescue Balm. This organic body balm can be applied to extremely dry, red, irritated or chafed areas to relieve and restore. 

Our healing Easy Breathe Balm can help to clear your airways and soothe your skin using a powerful combination of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Spearmint and Lemon Tea Tree oils. And with winter comes colder weather - but with our help, your lips don’t have to become dry and cracked. Our Lip Nurse will soften, support and strengthen your skin to prevent sore lips. 

Though our balms and oils are all different, they were each produced lovingly using an expert blend of essential oils and herbs. Whether we’re using Meadowsweet, Horse Chestnut, Ylang Ylang or Chamomile in our products, all of our ingredients were chosen for their unique herbal properties - which means they’re packed full of natural healing power.

If you’re looking for organic tinctures, you’ve come to the right place. All-natural, homegrown herbs take centre stage in each product here, using the wholesome, natural goodness of Mother Nature to deliver exceptional tinctures that provide extra support for your body. Whether you’re trying out a tincture to improve your mood or you’re looking for natural support through the cold seasons, there’s a product here for you. 

Our Echinacea tincture consists of 100% organic, freshly harvested Echinacea plant, grown with care on our Herefordshire farm. This beautiful, brightly-coloured plant is packed full of herbs beneficial for your immune system - which makes it the ideal supplement for when temperatures drop and your body has to battle with colds and sickness. But whether you solely use it in the winter or you have it by your side all year round, our Echinacea tincture is sure to leave a lasting impression - just see what our customers have to say in their reviews! 

Our Dandelion and Burdock Extract is another popular product, and is usually used as part of a natural skin cleansing routine. Working both inside and out, the unique benefit of this tincture is that it supports the liver and the kidneys, promoting strong digestion while acting as a skin and whole-body purifier.