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Pace of Nature

At Herbfarmacy, we love plants. It’s because of our love that we give them the space, the best conditions and the time they need, so we can make and create the very best organic skincare products possible.

Plants have inspired our founder, Paul Richards, since childhood. His passion for their power, properties and provenance led him to establish his own organic farm over 32 years ago. His dedication is why Herbfarmacy is now an international award-winning skincare range.herbfarmacy_jar

Our organic five acre Herefordshire farm is in complete rhythm with the organic plants and herbs we grow. We work hard to keep them happy, healthy, fresh and free from anything artificial. Every plant we grow enjoys the very best nutrients from our rich organic soil, and each and every one of our products is certified by the UK’s leading certifier, the Soil Association.

We believe in the power of organically-grown plants and love what we do! From the hydrating Marshmallow, to the calming Calendula and soothing Comfrey, each plant we grow goes into our products so that you get the very best organic skincare around.


For us, purity is key – purity in the way we make each product: hand sowing and nurturing the organic seedlings, to hand picking and harvesting the plants when they’re at their very best. And we don’t stop there. Once we’ve picked the plants, they’re carefully steeped in oil or water. Each herb is infused for as long as is needed to harness the maximum benefit of the plant for use in our products.

We never rush. Our plants are always given the time they need to reach their full potential, so we can harvest the very best ingredients. They say that good things come to those who wait and at Herbfarmacy, we couldn’t agree more. We wait for nature so we can grow, create and deliver the finest, purest and most powerful skincare for your customers.