Our Top Vegan Skin Care Products to Try Today

It’s World Vegan Month and no secret that veganism has sky-rocketed over the last few years. Recent research conducted by comparethemarket.com suggests that there’s been a huge spike in the number of vegans in the past two years, now accounting for a whopping 7% of the British population.

However, it’s not just dietary choices under the microscope here, vegan beauty has reportedly seen an increase of 38% in the 12-month period from February 2017 to January 2018 according to The NPD Group.

So, what is veganism?

The Vegan Society defines veganism as “A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment.”

The Vegan Society and its famous trademark represent the international standard for authentic vegan products, making it a safe and easy way to identify suitable products and services. At Herbfarmacy, more than fifteen products are registered with the Vegan Society trademark. Each product is rigorously verified to ensure that each ingredient and finished product is free from any animal derivatives and has not been tested on animals.

TLC Balm

Released in May of this year to coincide with a popular BBC TV series, the TLC Balm is our first ever vegan balm. Made with carnauba wax instead of beeswax, the TLC Balm is one of our top multi-taskers, suitable as a body moisturiser, after-shave balm and even as a skin soother for young children.

One of the reasons why this product works so effectively is that it features our signature ingredient, Marshmallow. Now, we don’t mean the squishy sweets made with sugar and gelatine – we mean the herb.

We have been growing Marshmallow on our five-acre farm even before Herbfarmacy came to be. The emollient properties within its roots work to retain moisture on the skin, helping to give it that silky soft feel. If you’re looking for a great all-rounder to add to your skin care collection, the TLC Balm is a must-try for vegans.

To try the TLC Balm today, click here.

Apricot Face Polish Flatlay Square.jpg

Enriching Foot Cream

Allantoin is a cosmetic ingredient which is commonly used in skin care products to increase skin smoothness and promote cell regeneration. Produced from the uric acid of cows and other mammals, what many people don’t know is that there is a better, more natural way to produce this skin-conditioning ingredient.

Comfrey is a leafy shrub with delicate purple flowers that grows in abundance on our five-acre farm. Containing high levels of natural allantoin, Comfrey is used in the Enriching Foot Cream to smooth rough patches of skin and calm any aches and pains.

To try the Enriching Foot Cream today, click here.

Apricot Face Polish

A much-loved favourite among the Herbfarmacy range, the Apricot Face Polish has always been a vegan and eco-conscious product since its release just four years ago.

Although not directly related to consuming animal products, our exfoliator formulation has always been completely free from plastic microbeads which are proven to be incredibly harmful to marine life. Instead, we use naturally-grown jojoba beads to buff away dirt and dry skin.

To try the Apricot Face Polish today, click here.

Nail & Cuticle Oil

The main herbal ingredient in our Nail & Cuticle Oil is Horsetail. But don’t worry, it’s completely vegan! Horsetail is actually a plant whose name arose because of its resemblance to horse hair. Interestingly, the scientific name ‘Equisetum’ also reflects this as it’s derived from the Latin ‘equus’, meaning horse and ‘seta’, meaning bristle.  

We use Horsetail in the Nail & Cuticle oil because of its rich mineral silica content. Silica helps to strengthen and speed-up healthy nail growth, preventing cracked, split and brittle nails in the long term.  

To try the Nail & Cuticle Oil today, click here.

Each day more and more of us are choosing to support brands and products that align with our personal ethics. This doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality or price as these four Herbfarmacy products are easy, affordable swaps that are guaranteed to leave your skin soft and supple – all while giving you peace of mind that no animals were harmed in the process.

Want to find more products to add to your plant-powered beauty routine? You can take a look at our complete vegan range here.

Natalie Sadler