Mother Nature’s Helping Hand: Manicure Hacks & More

Our hands work hard, day in, day out, and over time cracks can quite literally begin to show. Dry skin, sun spots and wrinkles are among the many forms of damage that can befall our hands over time - be it through harsh winter conditions, overexposure to UV rays or simply the process of ageing - but the good news is there are defences galore available to help you keep your hands young, your skin soft and your nails strong in the years to come.

With our help, you can harness the powerful herbal properties of a natural skincare routine to give your hands the lasting nourishment they deserve.

Find a hand cream you can count on

First things first: without a dependable tub of hydrating hand cream, your hand care routine will never be truly complete. Dry, cracked hands come to us all from time to time, but you can take action by introducing a reliable cream to your regular rotation. The right hand cream can go a step further, harnessing nature’s power to moisturise your skin, stimulate the renewal of cells and even improve blood circulation in your hands.

Our Enriching Hand Cream is 84% organic, powered by softening comfrey and soothing calendula, and could be just the everyday life-saver you’ve been looking for.

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Exfoliate for softer skin

It’s important to have a good exfoliation regime in place to buff away any dry and dead skin. Doing so means your skin is able to soak up any creams and lotions you apply. Our Apricot Face Polish includes apricot kernel oil for smoothing dark circles and jojoba beads to gently moisturise. Apply a small amount in circular motions over the back of the hands and then rub your hands together to exfoliate the whole of the hand area. Doing this twice a week is a gentle but effective way to help soften your hands.

Don’t forget your gloves

Naturally, keeping distance between your hands and any harsh chemicals is strongly advised if you’ve got your sights set on silky soft, young-looking skin. Make sure to wear gloves in the face of hot water, antibacterial agents, bleach and any other products notorious for causing hands to age and dry out - and for bonus points, apply a hydrating hand cream before putting your gloves on, as the hot water will enable the moisture to be absorbed by your skin more quickly.

Nourish nails and cuticles

Last but by no means least, comprehensive hand care means looking after everything from your palms to your fingertips - so be sure not to forget your nails and cuticles. A bad biting habit can wreak havoc on the appearance and condition of your nails, so doing everything you can to resist the temptation is crucial. Beyond that, there are options aplenty when it comes to caring for nails and cuticles - and you’ll find ample inspiration in our dedicated blog post.

Our herb-infused, 100% organic Nail & Cuticle Oil has been specially formulated to help you achieve the coveted balance between softness and strength that we all aspire to. Reinforcing your nails to prevent them from cracking or splitting, while also smoothing and softening your cuticles, this versatile oil does it all.

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Accept nature’s helping hand and you’ll be on your way to irresistibly smooth, effectively hydrated skin.

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