Why Rosehip Oil is the Skin Care Miracle Your Face Needs

With so much targeted advertisement for the extensive variety of products within the health and beauty industry, it can often be hard to decide which skin care products will work best for you and why.

We believe that beauty products comprised of predominantly natural ingredients are the best ones for your skin. That being said, complexions can vary dramatically from person to person and year on year - which is why it can be so helpful to choose a multi-purpose beauty product that targets many general areas of your skin, instead of being overly focused on just one.

In today’s post, we explore a product that does just that - rosehip oil. Known for having a whole host of benefits for a variety of different skin types, we’re exploring just a few of the many reasons organic rosehip oil should find its way into your bathroom cabinet and makeup bag.

It slows the signs of ageing

Rosehip oil is infused with a plethora of vitamins - A, C, D and E. Crucial to its anti-ageing properties is its high vitamin A content, as this vitamin’s molecules are small enough to penetrate deep into the skin and target the signs of ageing. As we age, our skin becomes naturally susceptible to a loss of hydration - and as a result, we need to ensure we feed our skin the moisture it needs to become plump and firm.

Rosehip oil benefits regular users thanks to its rich moisturising capabilities, meaning that a small dose of this oil goes a long way towards minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It fights off sun damage

While the sun is a great natural source of vitamin D, overexposure to UV rays can be extremely harmful to your skin - particularly on your face, where your skin is naturally thinner than other parts of your body. Crucial to fighting off the negative effects of this on your face is vitamin C - which can also be found in rosehip oil. This antioxidant stimulates the production of collagen which the sun interferes with, increasing the longevity and elasticity of your skin.

However, despite its powerful skin-repairing capabilities, the oil should not be used as a substitute for sun creams - but rather should be applied in conjunction with strong, high-factor creams.

It promotes skin regeneration

Rosehip oil is rich in the glorious fatty acids that keep your skin glowing. Because they function as emollients, one of their primary purposes is promoting skin regeneration - which is why products that contain a high concentration of fatty acids make a great treatment for scars and stretch marks alike. The skin’s flexibility is increased, while its permeability is strengthened against harmful bacteria that we encounter in our daily lives - and the vitamin A also present in rosehip oil improves the skin’s texture and tone for a longer lasting bounce.

It boosts immunity

Say so long to chemical-rich moisturisers and hello to a pure alternative, free from harmful additives. With its winning combination of vitamins, rosehip oil helps to create a firm barrier between your skin and the nasty bacteria you come into daily contact with in the surrounding air. As a result, your cells become stronger and more immune to impure organisms that commonly lead to infections.

There you have it - a mere handful of the many perks that come with welcoming rosehip oil into your beauty regime. And if you’re ready to reap the benefits, now’s the time to introduce our Rose & Mallow Facial Oil - packed with organic rosehip oil - to your daily skin care ritual.

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