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Skin Rescue Balm 8ml


If you’re looking for an organic solution for eczema, psoriasis, redness, chafing or similar conditions, this balm forms a protective layer to calm irritation.

Our Skin Rescue Balm contains the very best natural and organic herbal ingredients. Contains soothing Comfrey to combat cracked skin and Chickweed to relieve itching.

We make all our products, including this one, here on the herb farm.  Apart from growing the herbs, Dr Paul Richards and his small team of people make, package and ship all our products by hand.  It’s certified Cruelty Free, Organic and won’t cost the Earth as it’s plastic free too.

A small amount, massaged on the body is all that’s needed to bring dry and irritated skin back to life.  This 8ml size will last for several applications; well worth a try.

100% Organic

"So many uses.....itchy scalp, flaky skin, eczema relief....dry's wonderful. Its the best thing  I've ever used." Jacqueline

"All you senses will be overjoyed when using this fantastic balm. So natural, soft and most importantly heals practically anything." Aleksandra

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