Plastic Free July - Eco Friendly Swaps


It’s Plastic Free July and here at Herbfarmacy we wanted to let you know what we’re doing to help reduce the use of plastic and to help you make environmentally-friendly choices. 

To start with, though, we wanted to say that not all plastic is bad.  There are times when only plastic will do (in the medical world, for example, where plastic helps ensure safe, sterile equipment).  The problem is that, because plastic is cheap to make, it has become abused – it’s used when manufacturers and retailers can’t be bothered to find an alternative, or even whether it’s actually needed.

We believe in the less is more approach

When using any of the Herbfarmacy products, you’ll find that you won’t have to smother your skin with a product to feel its skin conditioning benefits.  All our products are designed to be used sparingly, allowing you to enjoy their powerful properties for much longer before coming back for more.

Look for the Whale


In 2016 we moved away from plastic containers and adopted glass instead.  This year we’ve gone further; our new packaging is 100% recyclable. 

The Herbfarmacy Whale logo on a product means you can be sure that, by using it, you’re not contributing to the 22,000 tonnes of plastic added to the oceans every day.

·         Our containers and lids are aluminium and BPA free.  (Aluminium is a metal that is infinitely recyclable).

·         We don’t use lid-liners where they’re not needed (we vacuum test to make sure)

·         Sleeves are made of FSC card and our labels paper; neither are plastic coated (just peel off the paper label and pop into your recyclable paper waste)

·         We even use rubber, not plastic glue and vegetable-based, not acrylic inks

The aluminium pots can be reused for storage and although we don’t offer a re-fill service, Herbfarmacy products can be put into these containers for travelling or holidays.

Accessories Lifestyle.jpg

Scrub up well with our line of eco-friendly accessories!

On our website you'll find some of the answers to a brighter complexion, longer-lasting hydration and easy, eco-friendly swaps to keep your skin looking and feeling great.

By choosing to supplement your skin care routine with the Herbfarmacy accessories, you’re saying ‘no’ to planet-damaging disposables such as wet wipes and microbeads and ‘yes’ to sustainable, quality materials such as cactus bristles, bamboo fibres, and FSC certified beechwood.

All of our accessories are reusable and free from packaging, cutting down on unnecessary waste. Easy to look after, many are hand and machine washable, with some only requiring natural drying in the sun-light.

Our Bamboo Pads are palm-sized makeup remover pads and are the perfect addition to your everyday cleansing routine. Made from three layers of super soft bamboo fleece, they remove makeup gently and with ease. Designed to be used again and again, these makeup remover pads are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use wet wipes, which can be harmful to our environment.

We regularly add more accessories and plastic free products to our sustainable range so keep your eyes peeled!