Why exfoliating in the Summer is particular important?

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In this article blog we will be looking at how exfoliating is so important for your skin.

Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells to reveal the newly generated cells underneath. The older cells on the surface of the skin that are often dry and damaged result in a rough and dry appearance to the skin. Exfoliating also breaks down excess impurities and oils that build up in the Summer months. Removing dead cells and product build up helps prevent blocked pores and blemishes. Not exfoliating means the skin is often left dry and has a rough appearance which makes it more difficult to benefit from moisturising. Exfoliating in Summer helps remove residual sunscreen and after sun cream that can block pores.

How often should I exfoliate?

Everyone’s skin is different but as rule of thumb we recommend exfoliating once a week for sensitive skin, twice weekly for dry and dehydrated skin and for combination skin, two to three times a week.

What products should I use?

For your face, our Apricot Face Polish works to tighten pores and remove impurities that have built up on the skin’s surface. With natural Jojoba beads and fragrances of Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang, this ultra-gentle formulation polishes the skin, revealing a brighter smoother complexion. After exfoliating, a great tip is to follow with an application of our Rose & Mallow Facial Oil to deeply nourish, repair and hydrate the skin.

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For your body our new Rosemary Body Polish will buff away dead skin and the invigorating  scented oils will moisturise and nourish your skin smooth. Jojoba Oil and Marshmallow root extract together have natural moisturising properties for the skin. The Vitamin E and B in Jojoba oil helps in skin repair and balances the skin’s natural sebum leaving your skin silky smooth without the need to moisturise.

We have also introduced a Hemp Body Mitt to help buff away dead skin cells and leave your skin smooth and revitalised and a set of Loofah Exfoliating Pads to help unblock pores and remove impurities.

All our products are suitable for sensitive skin and are gently abrasive. We believe in formulations that won’t leave you skin red or inflamed. With our recent new plastic free packaging now is a great opportunity for updating your beauty routine and taking a fresh look at the Herbfarmacy products for exfoliation and get Summer ready!